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2016 Chevy Silverado, 4 BDS Lift

2016 Chevy Silverado

We got this 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500. He's got the four inch BDS. So that's gonna be a complete replacement strut. It's gonna have the knuckles up front. It's gonna have all of the components cross-membering everything that you would have on a six or seven and a half inch lift.

2016 Chevy Silverado Technologi and Features

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

This system runs right around $2000 but remember that's with a complete strut replacement. Basically shocks in the rear. It's gonna have the whole kit and caboodle as far as the lift kit goes. And then what he went with for wheels and tires are the 22's. So they're 22 tall. And then it's a 10 wide. And it's a negative 19 offset. So I'll do a lip test for you. So you can see the lip on that one 10 wide negative 19 is right around four inches. Which is what we typically see.

2016 Chevy Silverado Specifications

2016 Chevy Silverado

I would say it's a little shy of that because you can see this spoke tips forward just a little bit. And that's the XD buck and the gloss black with milled edges. And then for tires he went with the Nitto terra grappler G2. So that's their aggressive all-terrain tire. You can see it's more of a highway tire. It's not super luggy tire. These are nice and quiet and they wear really well. The size is a 33 - 12 1/2 - 20. So you can see because he's got a 22 and then a 33 - 12 1/2, it's a little less side wall. Just gives more of that clean, low profile look to it. So as far as trimming with this setup.

Because he's got the four inch and then 10 wide negative 19 and a 33 - 12 1/2, you're still gonna get into a little bit of trimming. So it's just literally taking the inner edge off of this valence. This valence used to come straight out here. Took that off of there and that's gonna be enough to make it clear. It does not hit on the back whatsoever. So it's literally just that front valence trim. And then he's clearing. So we would call that basically a perfect setup. Where you've just got a tiny bit of plastic trimming and then you're ready to rock and roll. And that's what he was looking for.

I know some of you guys are gonna say why is the tire so small. It's not, it's a 33. The next option would've been a 35. You would've had to trim into the bumper and valence. And you would have had to do a NorCal. And on these newer trucks it's a little harder to hide that NorCal. So if you went to 35's that's what you'd be getting in to. Or you would have to push everything in. And he didn't want to have a setup that sucked in like that. So that'd be your perfect fit to stay out of a lot of trimming on a four inch lift on a 1500. So one thing I want you to check out here Mario is look down the front of this truck. Because it's a four inch BDS it is a knuckle lift. So it pushes that front wheel out.

You can see it's out probably 1.75 inches more than the rear. So what most guys will do and he's actually talking to the customer right now about it is adding a 1.75 inch spacer back here to push this wheel out so that it's in line with that front one so that you don't have you know that offset weird staggered look. So for the rest of this truck you can see 2016. Again it's got that hood.

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

This one's got an appearance package where everything's pretty much blacked out. It's got the blacked out bow ties. It's got the projector head lights. It's gonna have the black mirrors. The black painted handles. So everything just matches and flows. And then you can see he's got the side steps in black. And it just kind of all flows together. Window tint he's got 20% to match the rear upfront. So that's gonna be after market. And then he's got a tri-fold flip cover for the back. And you can see it's one of the ones that kind of sits up a little bit higher. Extensa I think was the name on it? I looked before they flipped it and I can't remember. I think it was extensive something like that 2.0 so.

That's pretty much it. You can see it's got the black bow ties on the back as well. And I think that's it. Oh yeah interior. I almost missed that, Mario. You gotta help me out when I'm not paying attention. So you can see that ones got a nice clean interior. So that's gonna be the LT. You're gonna see the larger screen and everything. But just nice and clean. Dark fabric interior. They missed one bow tie. They should have blacked that one out Mario. I don't like that gold bow tie right there. I'll have to get a little finger nail polish and finish that one up.

So that is it 2016 on a four inch BDS and he's running 22 by 10's and some 33 - 12 1/2's so. You heard it here folks first folks. Make sure you subscribe Make sure you tune in and make sure you let us know what you think.

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