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2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited

Hey guys ! I'm here to show you this 2017 wrangler sport unlimited with the willy's package what we have in the willy's package is this blacked out grille, this blacked out front fascia and as we move around the side here.

They have the black rims on it has the rock rails it also has the four-by-four four-wheel-drive logo on back tail and it also has the willy's on the hood here and underneath the hood in this particular jeep we have third generation 3. 6 liter pentastar engine.

It's been won awards 10 best engines for the last three years in a row this has a 373 axle ratio and also has the automatic transmission in this particular unit. This unit has a black hardtop. It also this hardtop is a t-top you can take one the passenger side out or the driver side or both.

You've got a convertible unit switching to the back here the rear tailgate in the unlimited you have lots of room, where this particular jeep as part of the willy's package it comes with an outdoor kit as they say it also has the fancy speaker system here in the back and these seats of course will fold flat and fold forward so you've got lots of room for hauling freight or people or camping equipment.
2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

Whatever as part of that off-road package it has the BFG tires here on it the big grippy tires for your off-road control there we can move into the back here we have as part of that package we also have the floor mats in here which are an off-road slush mat which makes it for as part of that package there now these seats of course will fold flat as you can see here you can either have this seat down or you know the sixty percent down and this one up so there's lots of room for people in here.

Plus whatever you're hauling out in the backcountry on going to the interior this unit as you can see here we mentioned the speaker special speaker system in this one it has lots of speakers so you're going to get great sound out of this particular unit now it has here the U connect for your cell phone so you can program your cell phone into it it also has sirius satellite radio you have audio controls on the back of this unit.

You also have power windows power locks also are on this unit ok this unit has a 430N U connect media center it has such as you can see sirius satellite radio here am FM plus it also will handle a CD and in the side here ok this particular 430N and has a hard drive system where you can load music in here probably up to 40 or 50 cds can be put in here plus you can also download pictures for background in the back here moving down here here's where your power windows are center-right the center stack here.

We have the climate control this particular unit has hill descent control which slows the vehicle down when you're going down steep hills and in the mountains and stuff it also has your four-wheel drive system is right in this particular spot now just a little quick picture and this shows that T roof up here what it has so you can open and close it very large glove box here, lots of storage it also has a center console with storage in it also here.

In here you'll find a USB port and the power outlet, 12volt power outlet there and when you're doing that big off-roading and you gotta hang on for over those big rocks and stuff there's hand holes right inside the roll bar frame here as you can see so you can hang on and you don't fall out if you want to come and see this unit give us a call at 1877 625 4555 or locally you can call us 403 625 4555 for a test drive and demo thank you.

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2016 Chevy Silverado, 4 BDS Lift

2016 Chevy Silverado

We got this 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500. He's got the four inch BDS. So that's gonna be a complete replacement strut. It's gonna have the knuckles up front. It's gonna have all of the components cross-membering everything that you would have on a six or seven and a half inch lift.

2016 Chevy Silverado Technologi and Features

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

This system runs right around $2000 but remember that's with a complete strut replacement. Basically shocks in the rear. It's gonna have the whole kit and caboodle as far as the lift kit goes. And then what he went with for wheels and tires are the 22's. So they're 22 tall. And then it's a 10 wide. And it's a negative 19 offset. So I'll do a lip test for you. So you can see the lip on that one 10 wide negative 19 is right around four inches. Which is what we typically see.

2016 Chevy Silverado Specifications

2016 Chevy Silverado

I would say it's a little shy of that because you can see this spoke tips forward just a little bit. And that's the XD buck and the gloss black with milled edges. And then for tires he went with the Nitto terra grappler G2. So that's their aggressive all-terrain tire. You can see it's more of a highway tire. It's not super luggy tire. These are nice and quiet and they wear really well. The size is a 33 - 12 1/2 - 20. So you can see because he's got a 22 and then a 33 - 12 1/2, it's a little less side wall. Just gives more of that clean, low profile look to it. So as far as trimming with this setup.

Because he's got the four inch and then 10 wide negative 19 and a 33 - 12 1/2, you're still gonna get into a little bit of trimming. So it's just literally taking the inner edge off of this valence. This valence used to come straight out here. Took that off of there and that's gonna be enough to make it clear. It does not hit on the back whatsoever. So it's literally just that front valence trim. And then he's clearing. So we would call that basically a perfect setup. Where you've just got a tiny bit of plastic trimming and then you're ready to rock and roll. And that's what he was looking for.

I know some of you guys are gonna say why is the tire so small. It's not, it's a 33. The next option would've been a 35. You would've had to trim into the bumper and valence. And you would have had to do a NorCal. And on these newer trucks it's a little harder to hide that NorCal. So if you went to 35's that's what you'd be getting in to. Or you would have to push everything in. And he didn't want to have a setup that sucked in like that. So that'd be your perfect fit to stay out of a lot of trimming on a four inch lift on a 1500. So one thing I want you to check out here Mario is look down the front of this truck. Because it's a four inch BDS it is a knuckle lift. So it pushes that front wheel out.

You can see it's out probably 1.75 inches more than the rear. So what most guys will do and he's actually talking to the customer right now about it is adding a 1.75 inch spacer back here to push this wheel out so that it's in line with that front one so that you don't have you know that offset weird staggered look. So for the rest of this truck you can see 2016. Again it's got that hood.

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

2016 Chevy Silverado Interior

This one's got an appearance package where everything's pretty much blacked out. It's got the blacked out bow ties. It's got the projector head lights. It's gonna have the black mirrors. The black painted handles. So everything just matches and flows. And then you can see he's got the side steps in black. And it just kind of all flows together. Window tint he's got 20% to match the rear upfront. So that's gonna be after market. And then he's got a tri-fold flip cover for the back. And you can see it's one of the ones that kind of sits up a little bit higher. Extensa I think was the name on it? I looked before they flipped it and I can't remember. I think it was extensive something like that 2.0 so.

That's pretty much it. You can see it's got the black bow ties on the back as well. And I think that's it. Oh yeah interior. I almost missed that, Mario. You gotta help me out when I'm not paying attention. So you can see that ones got a nice clean interior. So that's gonna be the LT. You're gonna see the larger screen and everything. But just nice and clean. Dark fabric interior. They missed one bow tie. They should have blacked that one out Mario. I don't like that gold bow tie right there. I'll have to get a little finger nail polish and finish that one up.

So that is it 2016 on a four inch BDS and he's running 22 by 10's and some 33 - 12 1/2's so. You heard it here folks first folks. Make sure you subscribe Make sure you tune in and make sure you let us know what you think.

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Cheap Truck Challenge 2016 Budget Battle of the Beaters

Cheap Truck Challenge 2016

This week on Dirt Every Dayit's cheap truck challenge! Every year we do Cheap Truck Challenge. It's our week of battling against the budget. We get a cheap vehicle and we build it up really cheap to show you guys how to go four-wheeling on a budget.

I've done a bunch of cool Cheap Truck Challenge vehicles in the past. This year I brought Dirt Head Dave in as my co-host and my partnerwe're going to build something really cool. I really wanted something big, bad, with a big blocksomething we can put giant tires onsomething we could really take out and abusemaybe with one ton axles. Instead I got us this.

What do you think, Dave? I've been following along for like four yearsthinking we were going to build something cooland you got us this pile. This is a Jeep Liberty. America! Like the Liberty Bell! It's already broken. Like the Liberty Bell. It's got a round knock. Just a little knock. But it's a Jeep. And Jeeps have been dominating the universe for ages.

Cheap Truck Challenge 2016

And whatever the other guys bringthis is a Jeepyou can't beat a Jeep. We are Team Dust Dawgsand here's our winningwinning, Cheap Truck Challenge 2016 rig. It is a 1986 K5 Blazerit has a manual SM 465 transmission. Six and a half to oneswe'll be good for rock crawling and hill climbsso long as our 305 Chevy keeps runningbecause it's carborating and it likes to cut out a lot on the uphills, but we're going to add tire and horsepower. 35s, nitros. It's a convertible, V8, four-wheel drive, solid axle. It's awesome. We're winning. There's nothing else you need to do. We already are right at the edge of the budgetbecause we spent $2000 just buying this thingbut we're going to try and keep it under two grand to fix it up. We're going to do a few simple thingstake it out, have a good time with itsee what we break, see what holds togetherand show you guys how to have a good time on a nickel and dime. Now there's two ways you can build a four by four.

You can build a really nice four by four that you can drive to work every day at the hamburger jointand it can also work off-roador you can build a four by four that works really good off-road and it's kind of miserable to drive to work every daybut you can still do it. We're going to build one that's fun to go off road inmaybe a little bit miserable to drive in the streetbut it's still going to be awesome. So Dave, what do you think we should start with on our Libery? - We're going to put big tires on it firstwe're going to weld the rear diff so that we get some tractionand we need a roll cage. That's pretty much it. It's got to be safe. And then we're going to strip a bunch of weight out of it.

We have a V6 that has a pretty bad rod knockso to make up for the rod knockwe're going to remove the weight, make the vehicle lighterso that the engine doesn't have to work as hardand hopefully it won't blow apart when we're off-roading. But it might. And if it does, it'll be epic. - So we got the diff cover off. It is an open diff carrierso what we'll end up doing is we'll weld all the spider gears upclean all the grease or the gear oil outso that we can get it clean enough to where we can weld it. So the key on welding after cleaning something with brake clean is to make sure it's not chlorinated so that it doesn't create that gas after you weld it. When I got the Liberty, it had a broken back windowso rather than just have it fall out as we're four-wheelingI'm going to try and just break all the old glass out.

Cheap Truck Challenge 2016

Dave's underneath there working on the rear axle while I'm breaking glass up here. You might've noticed the other guys are not here. They are at work making money so they can afford to buy parts for their cheap truck. Which is very respectable. We're going to rip all this carpet out so that it's all metal up to the front seats. The front seats will stay therethe headliner will stay above the front seatsso it's nice and cush. - It's like a mullet SUV. It's all like, business in front, party in the back. Yeah. Remove the hatch without dropping it on Dave. Oh man, that's heavy. This thing is going to be so much faster. How's it look? Looking good. So I tacked all four gears togetherI'm going to rotate it and tack the other side. Probably burn about a pound of wire into there and this thing'll be spooled up. So here's the thing about welding your rear diff. Almost every axle out there has some sort of locking differential or limited slip available. You want to do it cheap, do it this way. It might break partsthat's the gamble you get when you put in a weld at the rear end. I love this old headliner.

Come out. Dave, you ready to help me get this seat out? I'm ready, Freddy. I think this is a gumball. Or a lemonhead. Here, taste this. One, two... Hey, I got the window out. There's the window regulator. And there's the glass. And the door panel, and the fixed glass. So we probably just deleted like 30 pounds out of this high performance machine. Right here is the rocker panels. These are the parts that you always damage when you go rock crawling. So what we're going to do is try and get a piece of tubing that'll go from there to there. Most of the time, you don't want to use pipe on a vehicle, especially on a roll cage. But on something like this where you're just putting rocker protection or like a bumperyou can use pipe, it's cheap, it's easyit's usually pretty strong, pretty thick. All right, fire it up. Tell me how it sounds Ready! (engine starts) Oh yeah! - [Dave] Way better. - Rev her up! (engine revving) (laughing) Wonderful. Do it again. (engine revving) Awesome! I think we just added about 600 horsepower. Hey, look who's here. Hey. Hey guys. Oh. Wait. You guys got engine repair in a bottle? Yeah, you need some? No, I got my own. I got presents for everybody.

Oh. So I got these really sweet Dirt Head shirts. I'm not on Dirt Head. I don't want that. - Wait. - Where's the Dust Dawg shirt, dog? - Here you go. - Never guess what team picked the colors. - Oh, here's yours, Joe. Looking good, guys. Looking good. We'll take your wheelswe'll go get steeland we'll get you some tires. The shop is yours. - We found this in the trash. This is the Dirt Heads' tuneup in a bottle. We got our own tuneup in a bottle. It's better. Our bottle's bigger. Our bottle is a little bigger. The best way to add power to a carborated small box Chevy is nitros. - Maybe not the best, but probably the easiest. - This is kind of thewhat gets nitros into the motor. I haven't installed nitros beforebut this is a good thing to learn on. Oh boy. Ahperfect. - So now I get to mount this sweet nitros bottle. Be sure to put both brackets in the same waybecause then the, like, mounts oppose each otherand that's not good. And don't drill under your gas tank. I mounted the bottle. - Good. What jets did you put in the plate? - I put the biggest ones in. So it's a 150 shot. Let's get it to run decent and then we'll... - Then we'll blow it up with nitros. (laughs)

That's going to be a last ditch effort anyway. - That's going to be if Liberty's passing us. - Yeah. - All right, these are our two tires. The guys in the Blazer are getting these Cooper MTPsthese are a proprietary tire you can only get at Discount Tire and America's Tire. In the Liberty, we're going to run these BFGsit's a tall, skinny tireso they are running a smaller rima taller tire, a wider tireand more sidewall. I really like a tall, skinny tireand I think this is going to look awesome on the Liberty. Awesome's going to get those mounted upwe'll be back in the shop making magic. Now, this is a Day Star spacer lift kit. They're pretty simple, pretty inexpensiveit's a polyurethane spacer that goes underneath the coil spring in the backand then another polyurethane spacer for the front strutand in a matter of minuteswe'll have two and a half inches of liftwhich will definitely help us clear the bigger tires. Meanwhile, Dave's working on the roll cageand then we'll button up all the other stuff. - I'm building a quick and easy roll cage without having to use tubing. I'm trying to prove that you can build something safe at your house with basic tools like a chop saw and a welder. I'm going to weld it to the roofand then I'm going to do my down kickers fromand then I'm going to do some 45 kickers to the back. Prove that you can do it easy, quick, down and dirty and cheap and still be safe.

Our tall, skinny tire should clear now that we've massaged the firewall. - I'm in the cab now. Nerds! - We're in the home stretch. I'm wiring, doing all the electrical to wire up the nitros. Joe's going to hold thisand we'll have a code word, like fidelio or somethingand he's just going to go... Then we blaze past the Liberty and win. - All right, the moment of truth. - So we're putting on our 35 inch Cooper MTPs. Like a silly Libertyyou have to put a bunch of polyurethaneplastic lift parts on. I need to do just a little bit of trimming to get our steering and suspension movement back. (laughing) - This is pretty oversprayed. - It's perfect. - Looks good. - All right, this is what it all comes down to right herethis is the dollars and cents of cheap truck. There's the building of the vehiclesthe buying of the vehiclesand the four-wheeling of the vehicles. But this is where we decide who really knows how to spend money. The Dust Dawgs started out with a K5 Blazer at a whopping $1600Liberty Bell$2000. So what did they buy? Nitros, $500, including their tank filled. Hubs, $150, that's $650. Tires, $950.

Cheap Truck Challenge 2016

That comes out to a whopping $1600. We got a lift at $140 from Day Starwe got tires from $1150somehow we have smaller tires, skinnier tiresand they're more expensive. - [Voiceover] Hah! - And tubing, we spent $194. - I want to see the invoice. - I want to see the receipt. - I think that brings it out to $1599. - I think that brings it out to you're both liars. - Yeah! We win in the budget of buying stuff! Dust Dawgs are winning in the purchaseDirt Heads are winning in the upgradesit is a tie going into the finalewhere we're going to finish these trucks and go battle it out in the dirt. Rawr yeah. - I agree, we're going to win. - We are at the top of the mountain herethis is the start of the greatest epic battle you guys have ever seen. Once again, we are going to take two low buck trucks and hammer them to see which one is still running at the end of the day. This thing is so big, this is so massivethat I brought the biggest guy I know to be the referee here.

This is Cooper. - Hi all. - Cooper, what do you have in store for us? - Well, today I've gone through and come up with maybe between one and fie obstacles that are really going to key in on some of the key points of the four-wheel drive characteristics of both of these players here in the game. We got a Le Mons style startso rather than just checking the lungs on your vehicleswe're going to check them on your co-drivers. They're going to have to start by running up hill with the keys doing a hand-off to you guys so you can get hot on this course we got lined out here with some definite peril, who knows. - So we have one obstacle todayand hopefully if we get through thatyou'll see more action. - As far as the show-and-shine goes with these two rigsI don't know that I could pick one clear winner. They both have their high points. The first one is a rally course.

They're going to come off of a drop straight into a couple of in and outs, there's some big trenches that they usually travel opposite directionsthe way we're doing it. Then they're going to head off into a little frame twister sectionwhere they're probably going to be rubbing a little bitand then they're just going to rally on through it and hopefully not run into each other or a cameraman at the finish line. Booya. (dramatic music) Drivers ready? (horn honks) Lungs ready? On your markget setgo! (laughing) He's losing his flip flops. Don't spill your beverage. Oh god. Move it! Oh geez. Oh no, get it! They're dropping into the first obstacle. The Liberty gives no cares. Wow! Blazer bumping. Liberty getting it. Oh my god, oh wow. Oh! (laughing) No way. They're totally getting it right now. Blazer might be donethe nitros might have taken the motor out. Liberty's off and running. She is heading into the mini wood section. It's now into the sandy wash area.

Come on, Liberty! - It's a little tight with the rocks. There's a problem for the K5. The Liberty's going for two wheels again. I don't know that the Liberty can steer to the right as well as it could at the start. Nope, she's off and running. Killing it. And the Liberty crosses the finish line. Oh, Blazer's running again. (laughing) Wow. That was the rear window. I think Rob and the Dust Dawgs went ahead and gave the Liberty a little kiss, we'll call it. - Yeah. Liberty. I think we might've smashed some... Oh, we're leaking a little. That's fine. More airflow. More cooling. You knocked the window out of me, Fred. - It felt... I didn't know what was happening. And I couldn't tell if the truck was running or... Well that's still drivable, right? - Oh my goodness.

I thought you knew that happened. - We won the first obstacle course race against these slow Dust Dawgs. But I don't really think that his solid front axle is suffering the type of carnage that's inside here.

 Good sportsmanship, guys. Way to go. - I think if you drive forward, it'll slide back into place and we'll put a ratchet strap around the whole bottom A-arm. (laughing) Oh there it goes, it broke loose. You're good. - Onto the next eventjust a good old-fashioned all-American tug of war! (yells) So what we got here is the two vehicles set up with a nice strap between them. We've marked off the center point of the two. First one to hit the cones loses. They will be knocked down, dragged out tug of war. Let's see what we got! Dust Dawg, ready? (engine revving)

Dirt Head, ready? On your markget setgo! Wow. That was easy. There is no replacement for displacement. The big American V8and it was over that fast. - I smell nitros. - Woo! That was sick. Did you do nitros? Oh yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah. (laughing) - You know what, that was quick enoughI almost feel like this is like a best two out of three type event. - I think so. - I think we should definitely line them up and try it again. - We're all dressed up, let's dance. - Dust Dawgs, ready? Dirt Heads, ready? On your mark! Get set! Go! - Go man go! Go man go! Go man go! We got nothing.

They're in a complete total standstill. Nothing but a dust bowl here. If I'm putting my money on anyoneit's the Liberty. He's slowly making some traction on this one. Done! (laughing) How'd we do? - You moved, I'm going to give it to the Dirt Heads on this one. - Yeah! - Woo! - Number one! - One more time, fellas! One more time! We're going to go ahead and give her the beans right nowfinal showdown, see who comes out on top. Dust Dawgs, ready? (engine revving) Dirt Heads, ready? On your mark! Get set! Go! (laughing) - Oh my god. - American muscle and nitrosoxide came out on top. Dust Dawgs for the win! Yeah! Oh, too much enthusiasm, sorry. All right. Here are the rules.

First of all, hydration, nobody's allowed to die. Second rule, this is your lineyou veer off, you're out. You're off that way, you're also out. I want nothing but wood foot and patriotism all the way through this thing. (laughing) Dirt Head, engage. (laughing) - Yeah. So they got to try and beat this point here. - That totally didn't go as planned. Fred hit that thing like a sack of potatoes and broke all the stuff in the front end. This is where we're camped tonight. - Good thing we brought this K5 Blazer along to pull you out of this sticky situation. Jesus. There it is. - The Liberty has set the mark to beat at... (whistles) Right here. And now, to round things outwe need these two Dust Dawgs to go ahead and get that Blazer on the course and show us how it's done. All right, Dust Dawgs! There's your mark!

Now give us the laughing gas! There you go. No! Stop right there. Don't go any further. Stop right there. Back up a little. Yeah, dawg! Get some! (laughing) Come on! Yeah! (yelling) (laughing) (cheering) Back and forth. Back and forth. (laughing) - Well, the final obstacleI don't know that you could've given her more of a college try. The Dust Dawgs brought it on this one. They made it a full vehicle length. I'm going to have to go with the Blazer and the Dust Dawgs. - Woo! - Champions. - Champions. - There's always next year. That's it for Dirt Every Dayanother epic Cheap Truck Challenge in the bookswe'll see you next time.